Helping from overseas

All through Myanmar, a diverse and brave civil resistance movement is fighting to restore democracy. But taking part in protests and strikes means a loss of income, in a country where one in four people already live in poverty. The military hopes that this will force people to return to work, and weaken the protests.

Donations allow the people of Myanmar to continue their fight without worrying about feeding their families. Support Myanmar provides a list of verified and secure fundraisers.

Myanmar Resists
*No photographs doesn't mean no protests*

Protesting safely

  • Support Myanmar is hosting bi-lingual guides on protest safety, your rights if arrested, and how to stay safe online.
  • The HK19 Manual, a crowdsourced guide to protesting, has been translated into Burmese here.
  • This Telegram channel provides fact checking to help combat misinformation. It's also on Facebook and Twitter.
  • This live map can be used to track the location of police, military and road blocks in larger cities.