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Yangon Time Machine

Then-and-now photography of Yangon, accompanied by articles discussing the buildings shown in the images, and how their stories tie into that of the city. Custom built website.

Photography, Research, Wordpress, OpenLayers
Leaflet Signposts

A Leaflet.js plugin that displays arrows and a count of points found outside the current map view in each given direction. Link goes to GitHub repository; click through to demo from there.

Myanmar Resists

An interactive map and image gallery celebrating the truly nationwide nature of the protests against the February 2021 coup in Myanmar.

Raphael JS
Linden Centre Artist Residency

Three outputs of an artist residency in Xizhou, near Dali in Yunnan Province, China: then-and-now photography, an interactive timeline of Dali and Yunnan's history, and a Yangon Time Machine article.

Photography, research, timelineJS
Building better language data for humanitarian responses

An informal write up of a project with UCL and TWB, designing and building language data products for incorporation into humanitarian workflows. Includes user-centered design, and a broad selection of data work.

R, Python, SQL, QGIS, HXL
Predicting modern patterns of wealth with historical poverty data

An investigation into the relationship between the Booth poverty maps and modern patterns of affluence. Includes vectorisation, spatial analysis, and spatial regression for predictive analysis.

QGIS, R, GeoDa
Hong Kong Through Time

Over 1000 then-and-now images of Hong Kong, taken by Flickr user HK Man and displayed here on a webmap. Completed partly in the hope of identifying the mysterious HK Man. Labelled and geocoded with Python, displayed with Leaflet.

Leaflet, Python, HTML/CSS/JS
Which country's capital is most central?

A long winded but ultimately decisive response to the question of which country has the most geographically central capital. Potentially good pub quiz knowledge.

ArcMap/QGIS, R, Leaflet
English constituency boundary change tool

A small application built in Shiny to allow residents of England to see if planned changes to political boundaries will affect them.

R, Shiny
Assessing land cover impact through remote sensing

Using QGIS and remote sensing data to assess the impact of a proposed hydropower project on land cover.

QGIS, SCP plugin, satellite imagery
Yangon At Rest

A small collection of photographs taken in Yangon between 1AM and 3AM.

Photography, late bedtimes
This website isn't 80's enough

Tired of these minimalist modern websites? Insert coin here.